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Privacy Policy

We will observe the privacy policy and establish a basic policy regarding the protection of personal information and disseminate it to all of our employees.
We will also continue to provide security to our customers who are the providers of personal information by a reliable management system. Our Approach
We will establish an operational system to protect personal information (customer information, personnel information, etc.) that derives from each business situation. We will handle personal information with care following company terms and standards decided internally, as described below.

Collecting Personal Information When collecting personal information, we will clarify the purpose of using the personal information and will use it appropriately and fairly in order to achieve the purpose of collecting the personal information.
Using Personal Information We will use personal information only under the condition that is agreed by the provider.
Providing and Depositing Personal Information When providing or depositing personal information to a third party, we will only do so under the agreed purpose of collecting personal information. Also, when we know in advance that we are providing or depositing personal information to a third party, we will ask the provider for agreement.
Safety Policy We will clarify the conditions to handle personal information and disseminate it throughout the company. By doing so, we will take necessary safety actions to prevent illegal access or loss, damage, alteration and leakage of personal information. Additionally, we will make necessary improvements according to reports from internal audit, examples of security problems, and requests from the information providers, etc.
Disclosing/Amending/Eliminating Personal Information We will disclose, amend, eliminate or stop usage of provided personal information if required in an appropriate time limit and area.
Observing Law We will continue to improve our operation so that personal information is handled appropriately, and observe the laws and official notices that are applied to protect personal information.