Membership Convention

Please read the "Membership Convention" before registering as a axes femme Global online shop member.
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Membership Agreement


This Membership Agreement applies to all usage by you, Member, as prescribed below, of the axes femme Global onlineshop (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”) service provided by IGA Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”).

The various terms and conditions applied when using any of the services on the Website comprise part of this Agreement, and all those terms and conditions constitute rules for usage, however any service through a link to a third party company’s site is not covered by support provided for the Website and is subject to the rules of that linked site.


Changes to this Agreement


1. Member acknowledges that the Company may make changes to this Agreement at any time without obtaining Member’s consent.

2. Member is deemed to have consented to any change to this Agreement as described in the preceding clause after the change has been displayed on the Website for one (1) month.


Notifications to Member


1. In addition to making changes to this Agreement, the Company may notify Member at any time of any matter the Company considers necessary.

2. Member will be deemed to have been notified of a matter pursuant to the preceding clause after the notification has been displayed on the Website.


Member Registration


No charge is required to register as a member.

*When you login you will need to enter the email address and password you registered for your membership.


Personal Information Provided by Member


When Member uses the Website important personal information such as your address, telephone number, and purchasing history etc. are registered in the Company’s Internet servers. Be assured that the Company handles all personal information properly and securely and will not disclose Member’s personal information except as required by law.



Personal Information Never Used Improperly or for Commercial Purposes


The Company strictly prohibits Member to copy any information posted on the Website or divert such information to third parties.


Handling Information Posted on the Website


The Company may change or cancel any commercial or other contents posted on the Website provided by the Company without notice to Member, moreover the Company makes no guarantee whatsoever concerning any information provided by the Company.


Temporary Suspension of Service


1. The Company may temporarily suspend operation of the Website without prior notice to Member in any of the following situations.

  • (a) When necessary to perform regular or emergency system maintenance on the Website
  • (b) If it becomes impossible to provide the Website due to a fire or power outage etc.
  • (c) If it becomes impossible to provide the Website due to a natural disaster such as an earthquake, volcanic eruption, flood or tsunami etc.
  • (d) If it becomes impossible to provide the Website due to war, civil disturbance, riots, mayhem or labor dispute etc.
  • (e) In any other operations or technical related situation where the Company decides the Website should be temporarily suspended.


2. Even in the case that operation of the Website is delayed or suspended etc. due to a reason other than as prescribed in the preceding clause, the Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss sustained by Member or a third party due to such delay or suspension etc.


Prohibited Acts


1. The following acts are prohibited on the Website.

  • (a) Any act that infringes against the copyright or other intellectual property rights of another member, a third party or the Company
  • (b) Sending or writing a harmful computer program etc.
  • (c) Any act that disadvantages a third party
  • (d) Usage of the Website for a commercial purpose
  • (e) Any act contrary to public order and morals
  • (f) Any act connected to criminal behavior
  • (g) Any other kind of act that violates a law or regulation


2. If, by using the Website, Member causes a third-party to sustain loss, Member must resolve the matter at your own responsibility and expense, and shall not involve the Company in any way, or cause the Company to sustain any loss.


3. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any loss sustained by Member through using the Website, and has no responsibility to compensate Member for any loss you sustain through using the Website.


4. If Member violates the prescriptions of this Article causing the Company to sustain loss, the Company may claim compensation for such loss from Member.


Changes to Member’s Registered Information


1. If Member changes an address, telephone number or any other information notified to the Company, Member must complete the registered information change procedures according to the method prescribed on the Website.


2. The Company will accept no liability whatsoever for any disadvantage affecting Member if you fail to notify the Company concerning changes to your registered information prescribed in the preceding clause.


Revocation of Membership


1. The Company may remove Member’s name from the register and revoke your membership without prior notice or demand to such Member if you do any of the following.

  • (a) Make a false declaration when registering
  • (b) Tamper with information that has been input
  • (c) Illegitimately use a registered email address or password
  • (d) Interfere with operation of the Website
  • (e) Significantly injure the reputation of the Company
  • (f) If Member has been made a guardian by the Family Court and has not received consent from the appointed guardian
  • (g) If Member is substantially late in paying for products purchased etc.
  • (h) If Member fails to perform the relevant notified information change procedures after changing registered information and is unable to be contacted
  • (i) Violating any of the terms or conditions of this Agreement
  • (j) Any other case in which the Company deems inappropriate for Member


2. In the case that the Company sustains loss due to Member being subject to any of the items of the preceding clause, the Company may claim compensation for that loss from Member, regardless of whether or not the Company revokes Member’s membership.


Canceling Your Membership


If you wish to cancel your membership, just follow the prescribed Membership Cancellation Procedures from My Page on the Website.


Changes, Interruptions and Stoppage of Service


1. The Company may change, interrupt or stop any service on the Website without notifying Member.

2. The Company accepts no liability whatsoever for any disadvantage or loss sustained by Member or any third party due to a change, interruption or stoppage of a service on the Website.


Responsibility for Products and Services Other Than Those Operated by the Company on the Website


The Company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any sales transaction agreement or performance of such agreement related to sale of any food product or related product or service other than those that arise from services operated by the Company itself on the Website, and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to provision of or change to, any such service other than those specified above, or for any loss or disadvantage etc. affecting Member or a third party arising from any such non-Company service.


Applicable Law and Court of Jurisdiction


All agreements related to use of service by Member are subject to the laws of Japan and are subject to application of all of the Company’s rules and the rules of each service provider etc.


Further, if a dispute or legal action should arise between Member and the Company the exclusive court having jurisdiction in the first instance shall be the district court having jurisdiction over the area in which the Company’s head office is located.


Purposes for Using Personal Information


1. Usage purposes

Information about you, the individual Member, that you register on the Website as you become a member, such as your name, furigana spelling of your name, date of birth, gender, email address, address, telephone number and place of origin etc. (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) can be used by the Company for the purposes of responding and making contact in response to your inquiries, for distributing digital magazines, for providing guidance from the Website and for delivering purchased products.


2. Handling of Personal Information

The Company manages personal information collected from the Website carefully and responsibly, and we discard and delete such information as appropriate and do not disclose it to any third party.

Please refer to Protection of Personal Information to learn more about our Personal Information Protection Policy on the Website.